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It's not always easy to find an apartment for rent in Pokhara as per your requirement. So we are here to help you by providing you the best apartment that fulfills your needs. We've been providing great apartment services since 2019 and offer a wide range of rental apartments and housing options in pokhara. You can check out more apartment options in Nepal, take virtual tours, learn about neighborhoods, and get expert advice here.

In Pokhara, you can find different types of apartments that are close to popular places like Lakeside, the World Peace Pagoda, Davi's Fall, and more. All the mentioned places offer a gym, pet-friendly policies, and parking facility.

Check out our detailed guide for information on renting apartments, available amenities, and preferred locations in Pokhara city. Let's find your perfect apartment for rent in Pokhara.

Key Locations for Renting Apartments in Pokhara


Apartments Near Pokhara Lakeside

Pokhara lakeside, a major attraction of the city, is incredibly beautiful with its natural beauty. We have multiple apartment options as per your budget and requirements. Contact us today to rent your ideal lakeside apartment.


Apartments Near World Peace Pagoda

Live near the peaceful World Peace Pagoda and enjoy beautiful views of Pokhara and the Annapurna range. Our apartments offer a peaceful place to stay, close to this famous location. Call now to check availability.


Apartments Near Davi's Fall

Choose an apartment near Davi's Fall and experience the natural beauty of Pokhara. Enjoy the unique experience of living close to this famous underground waterfall. Reach out to us for more information on renting pokhara apartments.


Apartments Near Shree Bindhyabasini Temple

Rent an apartment near the historic Shree Bindhyabasini Temple and have a great living experience of nature. Perfect for those seeking a peaceful environment with cultural significance. Contact us to learn more.


Apartments Near Mahendra Cave

Spend your quality time renting an apartment near mahendra cave. Discover the amazing cave formations right outside your apartment. Book this one of the most recommended locations for your peaceful living. Call us today to learn more about renting an apartment near Mahendra cave..

There are several factors that influence the rental cost of an apartment. Primarily, rental rates vary depending on the type of apartment, its location, amenities such as furniture, and additional facilities provided.

You can also plan your stay in Kathmandu and search for apartments for rent in Kathmandu. Explore your options today!

Cost for Apartments Rent in Pokhara

The rental rates for apartments in Pokhara start at NRs 2000 per day. This rate includes electricity, Wi-Fi, security, and cleaning services. This rate includes electricity, Wi-Fi, security, and cleaning services, but does not cover other additional costs for food and laundry.

For more detailed pricing and information on facilities, please visit our location-specific pages or please call Rent in Nepal at +977-9851132056.

What services/amenities are available?

  • Kitchen: Prepare your own meals and enjoy home-cooked food during your stay.
  • Wifi: Stay connected with friends and family or catch up on work with reliable internet access.
  • Convenient workspace: Set up a comfortable workspace to stay productive during your t ime in Pokhara.
  • Parking:Enjoy the convenience of having a secure parking space for your vehicle.
  • Cleaning services: We make sure to get clean around your location.
  • Laundry: You'll have the convenience of laundry services. It saves you time and makes life a lot easier..

Why Rent an Apartment in Pokhara, Nepal?

  • Beautiful Scenery
    The thing to choose for renting an apartment is its stunning views of mountains and lakes. Have a lifetime experience with nature in pokhara.
  • Cultural Sites
    There are so many interesting places to visit in Pokhara, like the Shree Bindhyabasini Temple, Mahendra cave , davi’s fall and more. Renting in Pokhara can help you to explore the local traditions and history here.
  • Fun Activities
    Love adventure? Pokhara is the place for you. You can plan for trekking, paragliding, boating, and biking. There’s always something exciting to do in Pokhara.
  • Affordable Living
    Pokhara has multiple apartment options that fit various budgets. You will find many types of apartments here in a competitive price range. You can make an affordable living by enjoying good amenities in pokhara.
  • Great Weather
    The weather in Pokhara is pretty great all the time. With warm summers and mild winters, it’s always a comfortable place to live. Pokhara is a favorite location for many tourists because of its favorable weather.
  • Vehicle Rental in Pokhara
    The thing to choose for renting an apartment is its stunning views of mountains and lakes. Have a lifetime experience with nature in pokhara.

More Rentals in Pokhara, Nepal

Apart from Pokhara apartments, Our company also offers additional rental services to enhance your stay:

  • Vehicle Rental in Pokhara: Explore Pokhara and its surroundings with ease by renting a vehicle for your travels in pokhara. We provide options like Scorpio rent in Pokhara and Jeep hire services for easy access of vehicles.
  • Trekking Gear Rental in Pokhara: Gear up for exciting trekking adventures with quality trekking gear available for rent.

Begin your search today with Rent in Nepal, and make the most of your stay with our range of rental options. Renting an apartment in Pokhara is about more than just finding a place to stay.

Best location with the best prices adds more beautiful memories in this tourist destination, pokhara. Whether you want bright lakeside views, peaceful settings near the World Peace Pagoda, or proximity to historic sites like Davi's Fall and Tal Barahi Temple, we have the most suitable apartment for you.

For any queries or questions regarding apartment rentals in Pokhara, please reach out to us at:

Phone: 9851132056

Email: info@rentinnepal.com

We're here to help you find all types rental apartments.

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