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Hire a Suzuki Swift Dzire in Nepal

Swift Dzire

Suzuki Swift Dzire is one of the popular sedan cars in Nepal. This car counts as a middle luxury car. Because of its low running cost compared to other luxury cars, this car is popular in the renting and hiring sector of Nepal.  This car is very comfortable for three to four people to travel. Especially for city travel, city tours, official work and official travel. For long-distance many people recommend this car because of its smoothness. So while you thinking about hiring a sedan car in Nepal and the most popular cities like Kathmandu, and Pokhara this Dzise can be the best option for you.

Rent in Nepal is one of the rental companies that have a good range of Dzires. We have all the options for this Car. We providing the Dzires as per the requirement of the customer. If you like to ride a red Dzire we have that also and if you want to hire a blue that is also available in this way we can provide all types of the Dzire car for rent as you like. We do not provide only a car renting and hiring service we take full responsibility for reaching your destination at any situation.


Suzuki Dzire Hiring option:

Per Day:
You can rent a  Dzire car on the basis of the day. Rent in Nepal will charge you for an 8-hour drive per day and you can use it as you like.

Per Hour:
Also, you can rent a Dzire on per one-hour option. Per per-hour option can be very effective if you have quick and short travel planning.

Per Destination:
For destination travel like Kathmandu to Pokhara, we offer you a per drop or per round trip both options to rent a suzuki Dzire with Driver.


Cost of Hiring Suzuki Dzire:

As we offering the above option we make charge as an option provided. This car is cost-effective and makes your time more valuable.



Cost (NRS)


Per Day



Per Hour



Per Destination


* For the Per Day option it does not include fuel so you need to fill the fuel yourself. Suzuki Dzire's mileage for the city is 15 KM per ltr of petrol and 17 KM per ltr on smooth highways.

*For the Per Day option it does not include the driver lodge and food so you need to see for this also.

Advantages of the Suzuki Dzire renting:

There are many advantages or positive parts of renting the Suzuki Dzire car in Nepal. But among them, while we listing the advantages of renting the Suzuki swift Dzire we can list some as below:

  • -Luxury to travel
  • -Price is better than other luxury cars
  • -Low running cost
  • -Good mileage


Why us hire a Suzuki Dzire?

-We have a number of Dzires so you will have good choice options for hiring.

-We provide fresh, clean, managed Dzires

-We come to your door to pick up you and drop you off with a professional and experienced driver.

-Your security and your comfort is our responsibility.



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